Innova EVO 95% Chicken and Turkey Canned Cat Food

Out of all the cat foods I’ve tried, this is definitely the best one! The ingredients don’t even compare to other cat foods, and I’ll never feed my Maine Coon anything else! Innova EVO is made from chicken, chicken broth and turkey. All of those are ingredients that I could eat myself, so I don’t hesitate to feed them to my furry friend Frank. Plus, that is what Frank’s ancestors ate, and they obviously survived to perpetuate the species, so it must not be too bad! Such great components allow this food to really give a cat all the nutrition he or she needs. Packed with amino acids, minerals, essential nutrients and tons of protein, Innova can make every cat a healthy cat. It’s made from 95% chicken and turkey! How could it not be great? I should know; Frank used to have serious stomach and intestinal issues. He developed urinary crystals, and had a hard time going to the bathroom. It always looked so painful every time he used the litter box! Switching to Innova has really helped him out though. It doesn’t seem to hurt when he uses the bathroom and the exceptional ingredients have given him tons of extra energy. I got him a scratching post and he cannot get enough of it.
Not only has EVO canned chicken food made Frank more energetic than ever, his coat has never been fluffier! It is so soft and silky, I want to pet him all the time! As you can imagine, he doesn’t always stand for it, but I try my hardest to love on him when I can. When my friends come over, they always want to know how I’ve gotten his coat so soft. They usually think I’ve changed his shampoo, or started brushing him more often. When I tell them that I think it’s the new food making him so soft, they immediately want to know the brand so they can use it too. I’ve started all my friends on Innova for their cats, and I’d tell anyone I meet to change to it too. It’s so great and healthy for your cat, how can you say no?