Nature’s Variety Canned Cat Food, Instinct Chicken Formula

Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken Formula is a favorite around our household! I have 4 cats (1 Manx and 3 brown shorthair brothers) and I just really wanted to only have to buy one food for all of them to make things simpler! I started trying dry foods and then moved to wet when only one or two of them were wanting to eat every day. Then we tried Nature’s Variety canned cat food and things were much different! Now, each cat is anxious to get some of the food and I never feel like they don’t still want more. It’s so comforting to know that all my cats are able to like the same food so that I don’t have to run all over town getting different food from different stores.
Instinct Chicken Formula canned food is great for other reasons besides just the taste though. It is so healthy for cats and really gives them what they were meant to eat! Cats’ intuitively want to be meat eaters, not grain eaters and that is why Instinct’s canned cat food is grain free and gluten free! Instead, your cats will be getting chicken, turkey, chicken broth, eggs, carrots, and other great foods when they eat this excellent choice from Nature’s Variety. Not only will your cats have more energy than ever, their coats will be extra glossy and smooth. My cats certainly like to take advantage of the extra energy they get form their Instinct Chicken Formula! Running up and down the stairs of our house, it seems like a constant game of tag around here. And I’m never sure who is winning, though Houdini, one of the brown shorthairs, usually seems to have a slight edge.
Another great thing about Instinct Chicken Formula cat food is the comfort it gives our cats’ insides. On some of the other foods, it always seemed like someone was sick, and the litter box sometimes had ‘that’ smell. But now that we’re with Nature Valley, that just doesn’t happen anymore! Nature Valley’s Instinct Chicken Formula is certainly a hit at our place and I’m sure it would be at yours too!