Now! Grain Free Turkey with Duck Formula Dry Cat Food

If anyone has ever had a cats with a sensitive tummy and damaged kidney, you know what I’m going through. I have two Tabby cats, Mario and Luigi (my sons named them) and each has its own health issue. Lucky me, I know! Mario has always had a sensitive stomach and used to throw up his food regularly. Also, he has suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which I thought was particularly nasty. Luigi has kidney issues and a high blood level BUN (58) and creatinnine (1.7), so he cannot tolerate high levels of phosphorous.
I have been through so many different cat foods, trying to keep them both happy and healthy at the same time. It is very difficult to find one cat food that addresses all of your needs, but I think I finally did it! Now! Turkey and Duck food has been excellent so far, and Mario has not thrown it up at all since we moved them over from the old food. What a feat! I have been so relaxed not worrying about them so much. I actually get to enjoy them as pets more than I have in a long time, which is great!
Another great thing that has happened since we switched to Now! dry cat food is that Mario and Luigi’s coats have never been softer, nor their eyes brighter. They even seem a little friendlier since they are feeling so much better. The vet is very impressed with their progress and says that unless something changes, we should never leave this food. Who can argue with the vet? I’d tell anyone to try Now! canned cat food for their senior cat. I really do think that it has prolonged the lives of our cats and I am so happy because I know how much that means to my son!