Wellness CORE – Fish & Fowl for Adult Cats & Kittens

Wellness CORE food for cats and kittens is made from real fish and fowl. This food includes de-boned chicken, de-boned turkey, whitefish and salmon. Wellness has revolutionized the world of grain-free cat food! The idea behind the Wellness CORE raw feeding philosophy is to have the highest nutrient-rich protein levels available, and because of this, they have developed a 50% protein diet! Wellness has the most meat possible in a dry cat food while still keeping fat and mineral levels down. This grain-free formula nurtures your cat’s coat as well as its insides… its CORE. Highlighting higher protein inclusion, balanced mineral ratios and its grain-free design, Wellness CORE is the perfect food for your cat!

Weruva Cat Food Paw Lickin’ Chicken

Weruva grain free cat food is gourmet food for your beloved feline. Available in 16 different flavors, including Asian Fusion, Grandma’s Chicken Soup and Mediterranean Harvest, all Weruva cat food is fit for human consumption, yet tailored to please your cat. The Asian Fusion blend contains red meat tuna and shirasu, a small fish considered a Japanese delicacy. All Weruva food is prepared in a human food facility and all flavors are grain free.

ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison & Fish

Cats have needed the same vitamins and nutrients since the first cats were domesticated by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Their insides and needs have stayed the same, and ZiwiPeak has tapped into those needs and formulated this special daily cat cuisine with venison and fish. With ingredients such as venison meat, hoki fish, venison liver and blue mussel, ZiwiPeak has plenty of packed in proteins and nutrients that will get any cat energized. Plus, the taste cannot be matched, that every cat will love! Though this is a dry food, it mimics all the great things about a raw diet that is sure to please!

ZiwiPeak Grain Free Real Meat Canned Cat Food

ZiwiPeak Grain Free canned cat food is a complete natural diet for your cats, nothing artificial about it! ZiwiPeak is prepared beneath the Bay of Plenty’s impressive peak, Mt Maunganui, and only high quality New Zealand bred meat is used in this premium cat food. This New Zealand Venison diet mimics the diet cats would have if hunting in the wild, and all the great nutrients and vitamins naturally available are packed into these cans. Only ingredients fit for human consumption make it into this product, for the long life of your pet.