Pinnacle Peak Protein Grain Free Cat Food

Last year, I decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. It has been a wonderful experience and she definitely brings joy to my life. There have been struggles though, especially with her diet. I’ve tried a bunch of different cat foods, but she kept having tummy troubles. I thought it was just something she picked up at the shelter for awhile, but then after a visit to a vet, I became convinced that a grain-free diet would be the thing to get her feeling better. She has struggled to keep her food down and the litter box had a stronger smell than usual. I’m pretty sure that was because of the grain in her diet from the cat food I had her on before. The old food was not grain free, but then I decided to make the switch. There are lots of grain-free foods out there, so I had to try a few different ones before I found Pinnacle Peak, but I’m so glad I did! I think this is definitely the best grain-free food for any beloved cat.
One of the best things about Pinnacle Peak Protein is how well it helps cats with sensitive tummies like my Penny. After changing to this new food, Penny gobbles up her food every day and nothing ever comes back up. The litter box smells much better too, and she has TONS of energy. Almost too much because I can hardly ever catch her to get in a little cuddling time! That’s especially sad because now that she’s on Pinnacle Peak, her coat is extremely soft. All I want to do all day is pet her, but I can’t because she hardly sits still anymore!
I know Pinnacle Peak is a little more expensive. But, this grain-free protein food is definitely worth it! I should know because after taking Penny to the vet a few times – once for shots after getting her from the shelter and another time because of her tummy troubles – I know how expensive every doctor’s visit is. Really, you’re saving lots of time and money by giving your cat this premium food and preempting the problem. You’ll thank yourself in the long run, and your cat will thank you for being happy and healthy. Isn’t that worth it?