Wellness CORE – Fish & Fowl for Adult Cats & Kittens

Wellness CORE grain-free food is the best food we’ve ever tried! It is such a great way to get more meat in my cat’s diet, and I know she is healthier for it! She loves the meat and fish taste the food has, because it’s made from real turkey, chicken, whitefish and salmon. Honestly, my cat, Tess, is a very finicky eater. With other foods, I’ve had to really work to convince her to eat, but not with Wellness CORE fish and fowl food! She gobbles it right up, which is healthy for her and relaxing for me! Instead of playing coy about whether or not she’s going to eat, Tess runs to the CORE bin when it’s dinner time and stares me down until it’s in her dish!
Besides the great taste, I use Wellness CORE food for my cat because it is the best replacement for wet/raw cat food on the market! I would love to have Tess on a raw diet because of the health benefits she would get, but I live in an apartment with a very small freezer. It’s not possible for me to have a separate freezer just for her food, so a raw diet is out. I don’t have to worry about that anymore now that we’ve found Wellness CORE though! Wellness CORE is the closest thing to a raw food diet that I’ve seen in a dry cat food because of its high protein, grain-free content. It’s amazing!
The last thing we love about Wellness CORE high protein food is how beautiful it has made Tess’s coat. Tess is a 2 year old Burmese and she has never been more soft and silky! With other foods, her hair has been kind of coarse and not that comfortable to pet. Now that we’re using Wellness CORE though, I can’t help but notice a huge difference. Her hair hardly sheds at all now and it is so thick and luscious I can hardly stop petting her. Plus, her eyes are bright and clear which makes me feel she is happy and healthy. If you want your cat to be healthy, soft and happy, you’ve got to get Wellness CORE. You won’t be sorry!