Wellness CORE Grain Free Fish & Fowl Dry Cat Food

I got my little buddy Wilson from a shelter a few months ago. He is a Burmese mix and a beautiful (I mean handsome) 2 year old, but he does have a sensitive stomach. I think they took good care of him at the shelter, but since I’ve gotten him home, we’ve been having some troubles. I started him on a basic cat food, but after he threw up a few times a day for two weeks straight, I knew I had to make a change. He just wasn’t getting any better!
I did some research about cat foods and the things that make some better than others and found out that really, grain-free is the way to go! You don’t have to search very long to realize there are lots of grain free options out there though. I tried a few different ones, but when I brought Wellness CORE home, I knew I found the food for us! As soon as I walked in the door, Wilson ran over to me looking hungrier than he had in a while. I know you are supposed to slowly move your cat from one food to the other, but Wilson loved Wellness CORE grain-free food so much that he took to it right away! Now we are 100% sold on Wellness and will never go back. Wilson’s stomach issues have totally subsided because of the excellent ingredients in Wellness. All of the essential nutrients and extra protein packed into every bite have given Wilson a peaceful stomach and more energy than ever! Since coming from the shelter, Wilson was used to sitting pretty still for most of the day, but now that he’s on Wellness fish and fowl, he moves around a lot more!
Wellness is so great too because it has done wonders for his coat! I’ve always thought that Burmese cats have some of the softest fur of all cats, and now I’m so happy that Wilson’s fur is silky smooth. Wellness CORE really does take care of the whole cat – inside and out – and I’m never going back!