Weruva Cat Food Paw Lickin’ Chicken

Weruva grain free cat food is an astonishing and delightful turn from traditional cat foods. The tasty flavor, appealing smell and actual recognizable food is a drastic difference from other options. Plus, it appeals to cats! My cats are extremely finicky eaters, but they LOVE Weruva. Though it may take some cats a few meals to get accustomed to the shredded chicken, rather than the minced food they are probably used to, ultimately, my cats became comfortable with this better wet grain free food and yours will too. Plus, they will be healthier for it!

Besides the great taste, improving the health of your cat is another great thing about Weruva.Many cats suffer from urinary tract infections and/or digestive problems, and the fact that Weruva is actually “real” food will change your cat’s dietary needs. Perhaps your cat has been struggling with continued health problems like mine were. If you’ve gone through surgery after surgery, but the difficulties (and frustrations!) continue, it may be that your cat cannot tolerate grain in his/her diet. That’s what happened to my precious Patches and I was so glad when we found Weruva’s grain free option for cats!! Grains such as corn and rice are found in most pet foods, but NOT Weruva! By switching to this gourmet food, you may be saving the life of your pet! Patches started feeling so much better when we made the change and I would recommend it for any cat!

Seriously, Weruva is the right choice to make for your special feline friend. Though it may be a bit more expensive than some cat foods, it is comparable to, if not cheaper than, some vet-recommended options. Also, by saving yourself a trip to the animal hospital, you are saving money in the long run. For us and Patches, a single visit to the veterinary emergency room cost over $4000 when we had to take him in for an emergency surgery caused by a poor diet. After switching to Weruva, Patches’ health improved and we were able to avoid costly visits to the doctor. Do yourself and your cat a favor and try Weruva today!