ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison & Fish

I have had my cat, Crayola, on a raw diet for the past few years. I really appreciate the health benefits and all the vitamins and anti oxidants it provides for her, but unfortunately my current living situation does not permit me to have her on a raw diet anymore. I have recently moved to a studio apartment and I just don’t have the freezer or refrigerator space required for a raw diet. Because I didn’t want Crayola to lose out on any of the great things she had before, I was so happy to find ZiwiPeak! This is a great dry cat food that really does include every essential vitamin and mineral that a cat could ever want.

One of the reasons I had Crayola on a raw diet was that she had chronic diarrhea that was only somewhat curbed by a non-fowl diet high that is high in vitamins. I had her eating beef or fish, but I hadn’t thought to try venison until ZiwiPeak. It really has worked out quite well, and though she does still have some stomach issues, it doesn’t manifest into diarrhea even half as often as before. Plus, I had her checked for a urinary tract infection because it seemed painful every time she went to the bathroom. And the litter box was starting to smell a little stronger than normal, so I knew something was wrong. After taking her to the vet, I knew I had to change food for Crayola, and I’m so glad I did! I know that every cat has a different digestive problem and different tastes, but I would really recommend this ZiwiPeak option because it just seems like a complete change from other foods.

Besides all the great health benefits for Crayola’s insides, her fur really hasn’t ever been shiner. She is a Persian and her hair is one of her best qualities now that she’s on ZiwiPeak. I haven’t ever had a lot of trouble with her coat, but now especially it is more beautiful than ever!