ZiwiPeak Grain Free Real Meat Canned Cat Food

My little kitty, Joel, LOVES this cat food! I am so glad we found ZiwiPeak because Joel has been through at least 12 different cat foods, and not one of those was to his liking. Joel is the first cat I’ve had, so I was a little unsure about what to feed him, so I did some research. I thought I wanted to feed him wet food, for the nutritional benefits I’d heard about, but I even tried some dry options because I just couldn’t get him to eat anything. It was so frustrating!

Then we FINALLY found ZiwiPeak. I had a friend who has had cats forever recommend it to me, and I reluctantly said I’d try it. I’d been through seemingly every wet food out there, and Joel wouldn’t eat any of them. But he does love ZiwiPeak Venison Diet, so that got me to thinking… maybe he didn’t like the other foods we had tried before because he is allergic to them. I basically had to force him to eat before, but not anymore! All the others were chicken, turkey or duck. It turns out, after a visit to the doctor, that Joel is allergic to all fowl. I never knew a cat could be allergic to so many things, but no wonder he loves the Venison Diet. It doesn’t make his skin dry or itchy, and he is free to eat until he gets full without throwing up. ZiwiPeak doesn’t contain any grains either, and I think that really helps with his digestion.

The excellent meat contained in ZiwiPeak gives Joel tons of energy too. He was energetic before, because he’s just a kitty, but now you can’t stop him. He even climbs the trees in the backyard sometimes because he just can’t sit still! Thankfully he hasn’t gotten stuck yet though, because I certainly couldn’t climb up there to get him down. Plus his coat is super soft and silky. I love it! I would recommend this cat food to anyone, and I plan to use it for the rest of Joel’s life, as it is great for cats of all ages!